What a Specialist Does

dental specialist examining teeth

You will get referred to a Specialist by your dentist when a more complex level of care is needed. Here at Whistler Dental, our certified specialists include an Oral Surgeon, Endodontist, Implant Specialist, Clinical Sleep Therapy and Botox treatments. You can sleep easy knowing you can get treated by an experienced professional without having to travel to the city. But what exactly does a specialist do and what services are on offer?


If you’ve ever had any problems with the inside of a tooth, you’ll be pleased to hear we have specialist endodontists onsite who can help you. These root canal specialists are committed to helping maintain your natural smile for as long as possible by saving the natural tooth structure. You can get your root canal treated or retreated. Our endodontists will perform diagnose tooth discomfort and any procedures relating to the inside of your teeth. All treatments are tailored to the individual to ensure the best care is given every time.


You may only think of Botox® as a way of reducing wrinkles, but there’s more to it than that. Not only does it leave skin looking smooth, youthful and rejuvenated, it can also be used to treat TMJ discomfort and migraine headaches. We have specialists trained to administer the treatment, to make you look and feel glamorous.

Clinical Sleep Solutions

If you have problems sleeping, then our sleep clinics are the place for you. Our partners Clinical Sleep Solutions Inc specialize in all aspects of sleep.  We aim to continuously improve responsiveness to sleep therapy by educating our patients and offering therapeutic solutions. You can fill out a questionnaire here and one of our specialists will review it. We provide free sleep studies and offer solutions including Oral Sleep Appliances and C-PAP therapy.

Who Are Our Specialists?

Whistler Dental is proud that we have experienced dental specialists on our team. They offer high levels of expertise making a trip to the city unnecessary. Our specialists are:

Dr. Joel Fransen

Certified Specialist in Endodontics

Dr. Alison Fransen

General Dentist, Botox Specialist

We understand the importance of receiving expectational dental care without having to worry about commuting to the city for more complex procedures. If you need to see a specialist, make sure to book an appointment today and enjoy high-level dental care right here in Whistler.