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Since 1993, Whistler Dental has been providing the highest quality of dental care, setting standards of excellence in dentistry and customer service.  Our team welcomes clients from all parts of the world who come to enjoy both the best possible dental care and the natural beauty of our surrounding Coast Mountains.  Our patients are our most precious asset and we thank you for the confidence you continuously place in us by trusting our office to serve your oral health care needs.

If you are looking for a high volume, drill and fill type practice, then our practice is not for you.  We offer advanced treatment options not typically found in most dental offices. Our goal is to provide extraordinary dental care to patients who can appreciate the difference… and we guarantee you will feel the difference.

Whether you are looking for a brand new smile or just the finest in routine dental care, we are here to exceed your expectations.  We strive for perfection and only accept excellence, so be prepared to become very excited about your smile!

Our team has had extensive training in most disciplines of dentistry enabling us to provide you all that dentistry has to offer in one location.  There is no need for extra travel times, unfamiliar offices and multiple dentists.  The treatment provided is based on our constant updated knowledge of techniques and materials in combination with clinical expertise, enthusiasm and integrity.  Our goal is to enhance our patient’s quality of life, health and self-image by providing them with the most advanced dental care in a caring and respectful atmosphere.  We treat our patients like family.

We always provide our patients with open and honest discussions about their diagnosis and treatment options.
We work to educate our patients so they can take an active role in their treatment.

Please explore each section to learn more about our dedication to your smile…

Recent Community Blog Posts


5 Common Traits of a Whistler Local


The community of Whistler is unique for many reasons. Positioned amongst the mountains in one of the most popular tourist towns in the world, Whistler locals are lucky in many ways. The playground that draws travelers from around the world is the extended back-yard of Whistler locals. Despite over 2 million international visitors a year, a large portion of weekend residents, and a seasonal influx of workers, the Whistler community of 10,000 still remains tight knit. Presented with the best of everything (nature, food, adventure, facilities) Whistlerites are spoiled for choice when it comes to indulging in the best this world can offer. The unparalleled uniqueness of Whistler breeds a local population that share some overwhelmingly common traits. If you’re a Whistler local do you exhibit these traits? Can you add any more to the list?

They love to work weekends


Unlike most workers around the world, Whistler locals that hold a full-time job tend to prefer working weekends. This boils down to the simple fact that during the week, they can enjoy their outdoor playground without the crowds. On weekends Whistler fills up with weekend residents, day-trippers and international guests making it harder to find those fresh tracks, dine without the lines, and enjoy that picturesque scenery in uninterrupted splendor.

They have an overwhelming amount of gear


Being an all-season resort, Whistler locals generally have gear to match every occasion and weather condition. Skiers will have their powder skis, their mogul skis and the skis to handle the groomers. In the summer locals may switch between their downhill and cross-country bike, and don’t forget the fat bike to bring out in the ultra muddy or wintery conditions. On top of the hardware every local has at least half a dozen pairs of gloves, goggles, toques, jackets and more making the Whistler community one of the most ‘geared-up’ populations in the world.

They leave the car behind


Parking in Whistler isn’t always easy, and due to the network of trails and convenient public transportation system it isn’t necessary either. Many locals prefer to leave their cars behind and instead walk, ride or bus wherever they need to go. The Valley Trail makes getting around almost anywhere in Whistler safe and easy. Whistler Transit offers an efficient service connecting all neighbourhoods to Whistler Village and key services around the community. Whistler Village offers a pedestrian only stroll making a wander from eateries to shops and services enjoyable and convenient.

They’ve lived somewhere else before


Although there are a handful of Whistler locals who date back CIRCA 1990, the vast majority of Whistler locals (over the age of 20) have lived somewhere else before. There is a large influx of Vancouverites who now call Whistler home, and some may wonder if there are any Australian’s left in their native country due to the steady mass migration of Australians who live in Whistler full-time. There are also many imports from the USA living in Whistler and plenty of East Coasters who came for a season and stayed for a lifetime.

They spend more time outside than in


The shared love affair with the great outdoors is another non-arguable commonality of Whistler locals. Whistler locals need no excuse to get outside. Rain, shine, sun or snow locals head for the hills, forest or lakes to spend time in solitude or with friends and family. With so many stunning outdoor spots to choose from, can you blame them?

Here at Whistler Dental we are proud to call ourselves local. Providing the Whistler community with a full portfolio of dental services we are passionate about serving our Whistler community and enhancing the well-being of our patients, one smile at a time. If you are a new or long time local of Whistler and are looking for a dental clinic where your best interests are a priority, we invite you to become part of the Whistler Dental Community.

Snoring Signs You Shouldn't Ignore


In most cases snoring is nothing more than an annoyance for the other person in the bedroom. There are times however, that snoring should not be ignored. In extreme cases snoring can cause health conditions including heart-attack and stroke. If you yourself snore, or know somebody that does, it’s important to understand the symptoms and side-effects of the sleep disorder and have your snoring assessed by a professional. If left untreated snoring can turn into bruxism (the grinding and tension of teeth), or sleep apnea and a multitude of other health conditions that can effect quality of life and in some cases be fatal.

Simple snoring is the light snoring many people do some of the time to some degree, which isn’t necessarily a health hazard however can affect the sleep of loved ones and the snorer themselves. It can also be a pre-curser to the next stage of snoring which is upper airway resistance syndrome. Upper airway resistance syndrome is when the airway closes during sleep. The snoring sound is due to the uvula and the soft palate vibrating from the passage of air. The more the throat is relaxed, the deeper the snoring can become. As snoring gets more severe the airflow is restricted and the amount of oxygen in the blood becomes reduced. Clenching and grinding can begin when oxygen is reduced and in extreme cases the lack of oxygen can put stress on the cardio-vascular system leading to cardiovascular disease and sometimes death.

Although many people that snore don’t go on to develop cardio-vascular disease, snoring can affect people’s lives more than they know. Light sleep, frequent waking up from sleep and overall poor quality sleep tends to affect people regularly, and snoring is often the culprit. Everyone who has experienced poor sleep before would know the flow on effects- lack of energy, no motivation, lowered immune system, irritability, weight gain and more can be caused by poor sleep due to snoring. Teeth grinding and clenching from snoring can damage a person’s dentitions leading to costly dental treatments if not diagnosed early.

From obstructed nasal airways (due to allergy, infections or nasal polyps), poor muscle tone in the throat and tongue, bulky throat tissue and a long soft palate or uvula there are several environmental and physiological conditions that can lead to snoring. Men are more likely to snore then women and the older one gets the more likely they are to snore. Alcohol, sleeping pills and deep sleep can increase the prevalence and severity of snoring.

If you suspect yourself or a loved one may have a sleep disorder caused by snoring, or if you simply are aware of your snoring and are wondering if it could be causing low energy and other associated symptoms, then come see us at Whistler Dental. We have sleep specialists on hand trained to detect and examine the symptoms and effects of sleep disorders and snoring.

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