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With the sun shining and summer on the horizon, we can’t help but have a constant grin on our face! Here are 20 things to smile about this spring!

  1. Warmer Weather– We love winter but it’s hard not to be excited about t-shirt weather!
  2. Multi-Sports – One of the best things about Whistler is that in May you can ski, bike, golf and kayak in one day!
  3. Skiing –Whistler is the largest ski resort in North America and still being able to enjoy it in May is pretty special.
  4. Living in the Mountains – we play in them, we look at them, we climb them, we take pictures of them… yes, we love the mountains!
  5. Sunshine – Being miserable while the sun is out is nearly impossible!
  6. The Bike Park has Opened– shredding season is amongst us! (we have mouth guards so you can protect your beautiful smile.)
  7. Whistler is Dog-Friendly – we’re smiling about the fact that Whistler is dog-friendly. If you don’t have our own furry friend, you can watch other people’s dogs living their best Whistler life.
  8. Being Educated about Oral Health – with lots of education available online, it’s easy to maintain your oral hygiene.
  9. Being in Whistler – You can’t not smile in this town.
  10. Flowers are Blooming – Spring is so pretty here!
  11. Going to the Lake – being able to chill by the lake, take in the views and kayak or go for a swim is one of the best things about summer!
  12. Hiking – there are so many fun hikes that you can access so easily.
  13. Spring Restaurant Deals – just when you think it can’t get better, lots of restaurants have some sweet summer deals.
  14. Activity Options – from bear watching to white water rafting, lots of fun activities are open for summer now.
  15. Everyone’s Happy when they are in Whistler – The atmosphere in Whistler is unbeatable as everyone is stoked be here! And smiles are contagious!
  16. Peak 2 Peak opens May 25 – only a few days until you can enjoy those views.
  17. Bears are Out – we love watching these magnificent creatures roaming freely in the wild.
  18. Golf – Golf season is here!
  19. Insurance – having insurance is definitely something to smile about.
  20. Having a Great Dentist – Rest easy knowing that your dentist can help you with any dental problems.

There are so many things to smile about this spring. Book a check up with Whistler Dental today to make sure your smile is looking it’s best!