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Mother’s Day is this Sunday and you may have noticed your smile is just like your Mom’s. But what other teeth related things can you get from your Mother? Here are the genetics behind smiling and what you may have inherited from your Mom!

Crooked Teeth

You can’t quite just blame your Mom for the braces you had to wear growing up. Crooked teeth are a result of multiple factors. But many of these do have a genetic origin. Your jaw size, the number and size of the teeth, how your teeth come together when you’re chewing and the balancing forces between your tongue and lips all can be inherited.

Environmental Factors

Even environmental factors that can cause crooked teeth are steamed from habits that have a genetic origin too. If you suck your thumb or a pacifier, it can affect how aligned your teeth are. Also, habits such as pushing your tongue against your teeth can cause teeth to become crooked.

Shape of your Teeth

Have you noticed you have the same jagged tooth as your Mom? Scientists at the University of Zurich studied the development of teeth. They found that the Jagged 2 gene is needed for the development of healthy teeth. If you don’t have it, teeth crowns can be malformed and enamel can lack.

Tooth Decay and Gum Disease

While good dental hygiene is a far more important factor in whether you have cavities and gum disease, genes can have an impact too. Studies have shown that variations in the gene beta defensin1 (DEFB1) can increase risk as it helps fight germs. You can thank your Mom (or Dad) for this!


Have you ever noticed that your Mom’s teeth are yellowing just like yours? There is a reason for this. Genes can cause a malfunction of the protein in the enamel which can cause teeth to discolour. But don’t solely blame your parents for this. Proper dental hygiene can reduce cavity-causing germs and help keep your teeth pearly white.

Whether you’ve got your Mom’s smile or if you think you’ve inherited her tooth decay, make sure you maintain good dental hygiene. Book an appointment with Whistler Dental online or call us on 604-932-3677.

With a new year just starting and snow falling, we’re sure you have plenty to smile about. Here are 10 reasons why you should be smiling and things to smile about.

Benefits of Smiling

Smiling makes you more attractive

We are drawn to people who are smiling and away from people who are frowning. It also makes you feel more confident and more likely to make a better impression.

Smiling relieves stress

When you smile, endorphins are released which improves your overall mood and helps gets rid of stress. Our brains are hardwired to believe that we only smile when we are happy so by smiling you can actually trick your brain into thinking you are in a better mood!

Smiling improves your immune system

Another scientific reason to turn that frown upside down – it can actually help boost your immune system. It has been reported that the body releases more white blood cells when you’re smiling than it usually does. White blood cells protect the body against infectious diseases and foreign invaders, so it’s a really easy way of staying healthy. That’s the reason why celebrities are often invited to children’s hospitals.

It makes you more productive

A study conducted in 2010 showed that people who smile more, are much more productive and creative in the workplace. Smiling is contagious so spread that smile around.

Smiling boosts your mood

Forcing yourself to smile makes you feel happier! Have you ever tried to think of something negative while you’re smiling?

Lowers your blood pressure

Want an easy way to improve your health? Just get grinning! Studies monitoring blood pressure before and after smiling showed a measurable difference.

Things to smile about

Living in Canada

Canada is not only a beautiful country but full of so many opportunities. Living in this awesome country is a reason for anyone to smile!

The mountains

It’s hard not to keep smiling when you’re in this stunning mountain town. Especially with blue skies and snow falling, this winter paradise is enough to keep you showing off those pearly whites!

Going outdoors

Being able to get outside and go for walks in the fresh air is guaranteed to make anyone feel happier. Get away from day to day life and take a walk to the lake.

Having a good dentist

We know how to make your smile look pristine and how to help you look after your teeth. Having a good dentist is the best way to ensure your smile is looking its best.

Come book an appointment at Whistler Dental today so we can help you get the perfect new year smile. Book an appointment here or call 604-932-3677.