Back to School Dental Checklist

Whistler Dental back to school checklist

The time has come, another summer is nearing an end and kids are almost back in school. While you are thinking about school supplies, study schedules and extra-curricular activities, don’t forget to consider the oral hygiene of your child coming into this new school year. Why is oral hygiene something that warrants thought and planning this year? Kids with healthy teeth and gums are happier than children with dental issues and establishing a solid oral care routine at a young age is a great foundation for long term oral health throughout life. Creating positive practices and habits around dental care is of utmost importance, and back to school time is the perfect time to re-set habits and instill new positive and healthy routines for the year to come.

Here is your back to school dental checklist for the school year ahead:

  • Schedule your child for two dental check ups this calendar year
  • Make sure children are brushing twice a day, once in the morning after breakfast and once before bedtime
  • Once a child’s teeth begin to touch (as early as two years old) flossing once a day should be incorporated into the daily dental routine
  • Swap out sugary snacks and junk food with fresh fruits and wholefoods for school lunches
  • If child is playing contact or extreme sports, ensure they have a properly fitted mouthguard to protect their teeth
  • Pack a re-fillable water bottle with your child to school and encourage them to drink water instead of sugary soft drinks and juices
  • Monitor your child’s stress levels. High stress can lead to a multitude of health ailments, and can cause children to grind their teeth
  •  Advise against mouth piercings. If your teenager is considering a lip or tongue ring beware of the dental implications of chipped teeth they can cause.
  • As you’re shopping for school supplies and new back to school clothes, add new toothbrushes and floss to the shopping list

Having a healthy dental routine is integral to a healthy and rewarding school year. As we get ready to head back to school this September don’t overlook the importance of keeping the teeth clean, maintaining regular dental check ups, reducing processed foods and sugar, and protecting those pearly whites from high impact sporting injuries. Whistler Dental is the preferred family dental clinic in the Whistler area. With a state of the art clinic, a wide range of specialists and pediatric dentists specially trained in caring for the teeth of young ones, let Whistler Dental be your go-to family dentist in the Whistler community.

Have other questions about dental health for your young one? Find out everything you need to know about your child’s first trip to the dentist, and make sure to contact us with any questions you may have about your child’s oral care.