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At Whistler Dental, we regularly perform wisdom tooth extractions, as well more complex oral surgical procedures such as bone grafting, sinus lifts, ridge augmentation, and ridge preservation.

What To Expect After Surgery

Normal Post-operative Sensations

It is normal after any surgical procedure to have some pain and swelling. This is the body’s normal response. By following good post-operative care, you can minimize these after-effects as much as possible.

Post-operative care:

  • Everyone needs some recovery time after surgery. The length of recovery time varies from person to person, but we recommend at least 1 to 2 days of resting at home.
  • If possible, have someone to help you at home.
  • Take all antibiotics and medications as prescribed.
  • The day of surgery, use ice packs to keep inflammation down.
  • The next day, use hot cloths to help increase circulation and speed healing.
  • The swelling will peak about 48 hours post-surgery and should diminish by day four.
  • If sutures were used, they will need to be removed a week to ten days post-surgery.
  • Follow any specific instructions that are given to you regarding post-operative care for this time period.
  • If the swelling does not go away, please contact our office.

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