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Whistler is a mecca for skiing, snowboarding, and biking enthusiasts who enjoy active lifestyles. However, these sports also lend themselves to crashes and falls. Any time there is an opportunity for contact with other people or hard surfaces, i.e hockey, football, roller blading –  it is advisable to wear a custom mouth guard; this applies to both adults and children.



  • A custom mouth guard is a flexible appliance made out of polyurethane and laminated thermoplastic.
  • It helps protect the teeth, lips, cheeks, tongue, and jaw from trauma.
  • It should be worn in addition to protective headgear, which protects against injuries to the head and neck.
  • Unconsciousness and cerebral hemorrhages
  • Fractures of the facial bone, especially the cheek bones
  • Possible permanent injury to the jaw joints
  • Broken teeth or knocked out teeth
  • Lacerations to lip cheek and chin
  • Protects teeth, soft tissue, bone structure and TMJ joints
  • Allows speaking and does not limit breathing
  • Can be worn comfortably
  • Limits incidence of neck injuries
  • Is durable, resilient, tear resistant, odorless and tasteless
  • Your custom mouth guard needs to be cleaned and allowed to air dry after each use.
  • You also can soak your custom mouth guard in an antiseptic mouthwash to help remove bacteria.
  • When not wearing your custom mouth guard they should be stored in their proper case.

*Please be advised that Whistler Dental is not responsible for any injuries related to sports based activities.


Although you can purchase an inexpensive mouth guard at your local drugstore, these devices may not fit well, might inhibit speech and breathing, and are often very uncomfortable to wear or they become chew toys for family pets.

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The best choice is a custom mouth guard made by your dentist.