best graduation smile

With this year’s cohort of graduates collecting their degrees to proud onlookers, we couldn’t feel a bigger sense of pride. But how can you get your best graduation smile? Here is how to make sure your smile is the brightest – both on and before the day. Before the Day… Modern Braces You may remember […]

spring smiling and biking

With the sun shining and summer on the horizon, we can’t help but have a constant grin on our face! Here are 20 things to smile about this spring! Warmer Weather– We love winter but it’s hard not to be excited about t-shirt weather! Multi-Sports – One of the best things about Whistler is that […]

mother's day

Mother’s Day is this Sunday and you may have noticed your smile is just like your Mom’s. But what other teeth related things can you get from your Mother? Here are the genetics behind smiling and what you may have inherited from your Mom! Crooked Teeth You can’t quite just blame your Mom for the […]