valentine's day

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching. You may recognize that fluttering feeling of being in love. But which of these symptoms are love and which mean you are in need of root canal treatment? Here’s which is which and how to know the difference. If you have any doubts or pain, book an appointment with Whistler […]


With a new year just starting and snow falling, we’re sure you have plenty to smile about. Here are 10 reasons why you should be smiling and things to smile about. Benefits of Smiling Smiling makes you more attractive We are drawn to people who are smiling and away from people who are frowning. It […]

Dental New Year's Resolutions

Getting the New Year off to the right start is important, especially when it comes to dental health. Here’s 6 resolutions to help you take better care of your teeth and how we can help you at Whistler Dental. Cut Back On Sugar We all know we’re guilty of indulging over the holidays. With lots of tasty […]