Why It Is Important To Use Your Benefits

The snow has arrived, the mountain is open for skiing and the village is starting to look very festive! As 2018 draws to a close, here’s why you should book an appointment with Whistler Dental and use your dental benefits before the year is up!

Use it or lose it

Most dental Benefits don’t carry over to the next year. There’s currently 3 weeks left of the year and if you haven’t used your benefits by December 31st then you’ve missed your opportunity.

Take care of small problems before they get bigger

Regular check-ups can actually save you money, as you can keep on top of problems before they get bigger. Common dental problems such as cavities, mouth sores, tooth erosion, gum disease and even bad breath, all need to be addressed before they escalate into bigger issues.

Health Issues

Not only can you make sure your teeth are healthy and you have the perfect holiday season smile, dental problems which are left don’t just affect your teeth but also your health.

Poor oral health can lead to a series of related health conditions. Bacteria from gums can get into the blood stream and cause the arteries to build up plaque leading to cardiovascular disease. Respiratory problems can be caused when bacteria in the mouth are breathed in, and infections can lead to pregnancy complications and even be a contributing factor to dementia.

Symptoms of other health problems

As well as causing health problems, some illnesses have oral symptoms. Mouth cancer, for example, can have symptoms such as loose teeth and mouth sores, which your dentist can pick up on.

Plaque can lead to infections

Plaque can be a big cause of dental infections. At Whistler Dental we can help you to manage this, give you tips on flossing and overall oral hygiene.

Large Treatments

If you do need any large treatments, it is better to utilise your benefits before the end of the year. Treatment can start this year, splitting the costs. Optimise your dental allowance by using as much of your benefits this year as possible.

Take advantage of other covered services

In addition to dental check-ups, take advantage of the other covered services such as x-rays, screening and cleanings.

Benefit of your job

If you have benefits through your job, then by not using them you are essentially getting paid less than you should be. Your dental benefits actually increase your salary so it is important to get the most out of them.


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