Want Whiter Teeth? Here Is How We Can Help.


Teeth discolouration is a normal part of aging, and if your pearly whites are less than lustrous, teeth whitening may be something you’re considering. Here at Whistler Dental we offer two types of teeth whitening options, making the issue of discoloured teeth obsolete for those seeking a solution. There are several main culprits that are responsible for the discolouration of teeth. In a recent Blog post we discuss the foods to stay away from or limit if you want to maintain a bright white smile. We are passionate about helping people achieve their best smiles possible and you will likely agree, and we do this through SMILE DESIGN. Here are the teeth whitening solutions we offer at Whistler Dental.

Day White

For those looking to address teeth whitening with a home based treatment, Whistler Dental offers Day White which is a product from Zoom!. The treatment offers a gradual whitening solution that also has the added benefit of enamel protection, reduced sensitivity and improved luster. Patients looking for a home-based solution can visit Whistler Dental for an initial consultation. We can then equip you with a Day White Take Home Teeth Whitening Kit which includes a solution to be applied to your teeth for several hours a day. This treatment is slower than in-clinic teeth whitening treatments however does still produce fantastic results. If you believe a home teeth whitening option is best for you, contact the staff at Whistler Dental to arrange a consultation.

POLA Whitening

POLA Whitening is the other type of teeth whitening we offer at Whistler Dental. POLA Whitening is the quickest and most effective way to whiten teeth with dramatic results almost immediately. This patented tooth whitening procedure is administered within the clinic and patients can identify which shade of white they desire beforehand. The POLA Whitening technique penetrates the tooth enamel to reach the stains underneath the surface of your teeth. By attacking and breaking down the long stain molecules, they can be naturally removed by saliva. For busy individuals who want immediate results, POLA whitening which is administered in-clinic, is the best option.

Teeth whitening is the safest form of cosmetic dentistry, and because of this, is one of the most popular treatments at Whistler Dental. Having a healthy smile that makes you feel confident has so many benefits. From greater confidence in ones personal and professional life, to overall better oral hygiene and health, Whistler Dental offers SMILE DESIGN to help you achieve your best smile through teeth whitening, straightening, dental implants, laser gum contouring and more.

It is hard to avoid the main teeth staining culprits like coffee, wine, tea and colour dense foods like berries, however take home and in-clinic teeth whitening provides easy, cost effective and quick solutions to create whiter and brighter smiles. If you are looking for a teeth whitening solution in Whistler, make sure to contact Whistler Dental today.

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