What Is Invisalign?


The days of wearing cumbersome metal braces are over. Enter Invisalign, a clear custom aligner that’s virtually invisible and will straighten your teeth. Invisalign has helped over 4 million patients achieve their very best smiles and is made with innovations based on over 20 years of research. The importance of a healthy smile goes far beyond the aesthetics. Healthy smiles with straight and well aligned teeth reduce the risk of tooth decay and gum disease. For adults and teenagers who desire a healthier smile and are after a discreet and effective treatment, Invisalign may be the answer.

How it works?

Invisalign aligners are made custom to the individual and are changed regularly to gradually align teeth into the ideal position. Typically a patient will insert a new aligner each week and wear the aligner 20+ hours a day for optimal results. The benefit of Invisalign is patients can remove the aligner to eat and brush teeth, and of course, they are virtually undetectable. Invisalign is effective for almost all teeth straightening cases from over-crowded teeth, over-bites, under-bites and gapped teeth. The aligners, which are made with the proprietary SmartTrack technology, gently shift teeth into place in accordance to the custom treatment plan outlined by your dentist.

Why Invisalign?

The science, research and success of Invisalign make it the clear choice for those wishing for straighter teeth. Invisalign treatments are up to 50 percent faster than traditional braces with the added benefit of being able to remove the aligners to eat, brush teeth and whenever else needed. The proprietary material used to make Invisalign has the clinically proven ability to achieve 75 percent more predictable tooth movement. The pain and discomfort experienced with traditional braces is virtually non-existent with Invisalign. The smooth and comfortable aligners do not cause mouth sores and lesions as metal braces can. Proper dental hygiene is easily achievable with Invisalign as the aligners can be completely removed to brush and floss.

How do I get Invisalign?

Whistler Dental is specially trained to offer Invisalign to its patients. The process is simple and typically involves three easy steps. The first step is to arrange a consultation in which it will be determined if Invisalign is right for you. An Invisalign treatment is an important dental and financial decision and this will be discussed during your initial consultation. If you decide to move ahead with Invisalign you will then have 3D images taken of your teeth using a high-tech digital scanning system. Your dentist will then map out a precise treatment plan which will detail the exact movement of your teeth, you will even get to preview what your new smile will look like. Once your invisible aligners arrive they should be worn 20-22 hours a day for optimal results. Every week a new aligner may be worn with dentist check-ups approx. every six weeks.

If you’re after a confident, healthy smile and want the latest technology in teeth-straightening which is discreet and unobtrusive, contact Whistler Dental today to see if Invisalign is right for you.

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