12 Good Reasons For Smiling


Looking to improve your health? Smile! This facial expression has more advantages that just showing off a happy emotion to those around you! Smiling actually triggers activity in your brain that creates a whole slough of health benefits. It can improve mental wellbeing, physical health, and increase longevity. As easy as it may seem, this expression actually requires a lot of muscles to get going. Luckily, there are plenty of things in Whistler that can trigger a genuine smile. We’ve gathered up 12 good reasons for smiling, Whistler related or not!

  1. You’re in the mountains

Sometimes we get caught up in our daily activities and where we actually are at that moment falls to the wayside. If you have a chance, look up and soak in the natural beauty. You will surely feel your lips creeping up into a slight curve at the sights.

  1. Smiling actually makes you happy

Even if you’re not feeling joyous, stick a smile on your face. This expression sends a signal to your brain and in turn, tricks it into thinking that you really are happy.

  1. Happy people are pretty people

It’s been well researched that people look their best when they are smiling.

  1. Smiles are contagious

Have you noticed that friends, significant others and even strangers will reciprocate a smile after given one? There is a scientific explanation that essentially explains that mirroring emotions helps us to understand others. We also like to think of it as spreading happiness!

  1. Smiling boosts productivity

Ever heard that a happy worker is a busy worker? Research has shown that happiness can significantly improve productivity.

  1. Lower heart rate

Smiling actually relaxes the body and in turn, lowers heart rate.

  1. Smiles can encourage trust

Studies have shown that people are more likely to find someone trustworthy if they smile.

  1. Smiling can make you look younger

Although smiles and other repetitive expressions can lead to fine lines and wrinkles, the actual act of smiling naturally lifts the face, thus, creating a younger appearance.

  1. Enjoy an immune system increase

As mentioned, smiling helps the body relax. This effect lets a number of bodily functions perform in an environment more conducive to optimal results, including greater immunity.

  1. Smiles can increase creativity

Hung up on a creative project? Smile, it will be okay and you may find this little act will increase your mood leading to more creative energy anyway!

  1. Reduce stress with a smile

Research indicates that the relaxation effect that follows smiling can actually help decrease the feeling of stress.

  1. You’re surrounded by fun

Some days it’s harder to remember this than others but by living in Whistler, you are surrounded by activities that you love. Just think forward to when you next will be skiing, biking, hiking, or adventuring and a smile should follow.

Smiling is so much more than what it seems. Consequently, we take our smiles very seriously at Whistler Dental.  Let us help you smile genuinely with our personalized smile design. Ready to find out more? Visit us at Whistler Dental!

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