Instant makeover in a matter of days, not years… If you are looking to enhance your smile esthetically, beautiful custom fit veneers can provide you the answer you are looking for. A porcelain veneer is sometimes referred to as a ‘mask’ – a paper thin, custom-made covering applied to the front of a tooth correcting and concealing any flaws such as severe stains, chips, cracks, spaces, odd shapes, odd lengths and misaligned teeth. Crafted from very durable ceramic material, veneers help strengthen your teeth and provide you with a natural, bright smile. The entire procedure is completed in 2 short appointments. Veneers are a very popular solution for those seeking the perfect smile in a short period of time.

Veneers are intended to last many years and since each is individually sculpted, it is nearly impossible to tell the difference between the veneer and natural tooth. A large benefit to veneers is that they are stain resistant.
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