Some patients have not been fortunate enough to save their natural teeth and must wear complete or partial dentures. Complete dentures are removable and replace all natural teeth. Partial dentures are removable and replace one or more missing teeth. When dentures are required, we spend a lot of time ensuring that the final results are as natural looking as possible. We carefully record the initial measurements of the jaw position and make meticulous impressions of the ridge form. We then have several try in visits to allow the patient to be perfectly satisfied before the dentures are completed. Afterwards, we provide adjustments if needed.
Advantages of a Denture

Inexpensive and can be delivered in a short amount of time.

Disadvantages of a Denture

Annoying – food gets caught under the denture, may cause sores on your gums
Embarrassing – often dentures may become loose and fall out
Uncomfortable – they may not fit properly and move around
Time – it requires a large amount of time to adjust to this appliance
Inconvenient – must be removed and cleaned daily, and easy to lose
Appearance – dentures can often look like ‘false teeth’
The major diadvantage of dentures is retention, however this can now be overcome with implants. Almost every implant option conceivable is now possible. Even 1 implant holding a denture in is better than none. Two implants and a bar are even better. It is now possible to have what is called a hybrid denture, where the denture clips onto a bar which is supported by any number of implants. The major disadvantage to a hybrid is that is is expensive and takes time to construct.

Note : many people live very full, long, quality lives with dentures. Good fitting dentures do a great job of supporting the airway. Old worn dentures do not. It is important for dentures to be maintained. When dentures get too worn , it is just like having a broken down bite/occlusion. This leads to TMJ joint dysfunction and thus airway and sleep problems.

Dr. McKenzie maintains a great working relationship with a Denturist in Squamish. His name is Mr Michael Blake