August in Whistler is all about Yoga and Biking


Summertime in Whistler it a total transformation from the winter wonderland that many people are familiar with. The month of August hosts some of the biggest events of the year, and they have nothing to do with snow. Over the BC Day Long Weekend (August 3-6) yogis and wellness warriors from around North America converge on Whistler for the Wanderlust Festival; four days of yoga classes, nature hikes, workshops and parties all with the common theme of celebrating the mind, body and soul. After Wanderlust, Crankworx takes over Whistler Village. This two-week festival celebrates all things mountain biking with the biggest mountain biking brands, companies and riders showing up for the fourteen days of festivities. For everything events in Whistler this August, read on.


August 3-6th, Whistler Village

The Whistler Wanderlust experience is four days of mountain-top wellness with yoga, food and outdoor events attracting thousands of wellness travellers yearning to explore and connect with their life purpose. Tickets for Wanderlust range from single day passes starting at $85 to full four day passes for $455. Some of the Wanderlust events on offer include mediation themed events, morning exercise sessions, aromatherapy courses, slackline yoga, photography workshops, SUP yoga, bodywork, hikes and much more. Wanderlust Festivals take place around North America however Whistler is one of only three Canadian locations. To experience the true north and get a deeper appreciation of Whistler’s mountainous landscapes and natural serenity take some time out and attend Whistler Wanderlust this August.


August 11-20, Whistler

After Wanderlust ends, the adrenaline is cranked up for two weeks of mountain biking action during Crankworx. Mountain biking now rivals skiing and snowboarding as the most popular sport in Whistler, and Crankworx is a celebration of the activity that is re-shaping the town, which drops into the next dimension where gravity knows no bounds. During the course of two weeks there are industry events, sporting competitions and epic parties catering to the crowds that flock to Whistler to experience mountain biking's biggest event of the year. Some of the main events of Crankworx include the Canadian Open Enduro, Red Bull Joyride, Deep Summer Photo Challenge and Canadian Downhill Open. There is plenty to do for families too with kid’s events such as Kidsworx Dirt Pump Track, Kidworx Enduro and Kids Village circuit races. Whether coming to Crankworx as a participant or spectator, it’s not to be missed.

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We hope you have some time to check out the exciting events happening in Whistler this August, maybe we will see you there!

Your Child’s First Trip to the Dentist


Establishing a healthy dental visit routine with your local dentist is essential for paving the pathway of positive oral care with your child. According to the Canadian Dental Association children should start seeing a dentist just after they start getting their first set of teeth. This can be as early as 6 months for some children. Since most children have some baby teeth in their mouth until around 12 years old, it’s crucial to start caring for their teeth right away.

By the time your child has their first birthday they should be visiting the family dentist twice a year and this should continue throughout childhood. Not only will a regular dental check-up help determine if the cleaning you’re doing at home is working, if there are any problems that need to be fixed this will be identified. Taking your child to the dentist will help establish a healthy dental routine and educate your child about what needs to be done to maintain healthy teeth for life.

The first dental visit

When taking your child to the dentist for the first time they will likely see a dentist or hygienist that works specifically with children. Here at Whistler Dental we have pediatric trained dentists who specialize in working with children. Infants having their first visit will generally have a visual exam to assess if new teeth are growing in a healthy manner. Toddlers and young children will have an engaging experience which will usually involve:

  • The dentist showing the child how to brush their teeth
  • An explanation of how to keep teeth clean by avoiding ‘sugar bugs’ and eating nutritious food
  • An introduction to the dental instruments
  • A quick polish of the teeth
  • An examination of the teeth, their position and the general oral environment
  • A reward at the end!

The first visit to the dentist is meant to introduce your child to the dentist and the clinic environment, make them feel comfortable, and give your dentist a benchmark for future dental visits.

Make sure to provide your dentist with a list of your child’s medical conditions if applicable and let the dentist know of any sucking habits that may be present.

Dealing with anxious children

It is completely normal for a child to feel nervous when visiting the dentist for the first time. The unfamiliar instruments, strange noises and new people can be startling for little ones. Make sure to talk to your child about what is going to happen in the lead up to your dental visit. Set positive expectations of the dental visit by telling your child the dentist will be checking on all of the great brushing they have been doing. If you make the dental visit a fun experience your child will more likely associate positive memories with going to the dentist.

Don’t worry if your child has a negative first experience, it is completely normal for kids not to make it through their first visit, and simply having the dentist look in your child’s mouth and meet your child is a great first attempt.

Oral care in between check ups

In between dental visits there is a lot you can do as a parent to encourage optimal oral care for your child. Choose a soft, kid-sized brush and help you child brush their teeth twice a day; after breakfast and before bed. Children up until about five years old require help or supervision when brushing.

If your child has a sucking habit, try and stop this as soon as possible since ongoing sucking habits can lead to potential tooth misalignment.

Keep your child away from starchy and sugary snacks which can lead to dental decay. Encourage a healthy wholefood diet, and teach your child the importance of staying away from sugary drinks, processed foods and candy.

If you are in Whistler and are looking for a family dentist for your child’s first dental visit make sure to contact us. With pediatric trained dentists and plenty of experience treating children of all ages we are here to support your family in every step of their dental journey.

Why We’re Proud to Be Canadian


There is no better time to be grateful for the place that we call home than in the lead up to Canada Day.  Here at Whistler Dental we are surrounded by everything that epitomizes what makes Canada great, from its pristine natural environment, inclusive culture and innate personal freedoms. If you’re Canadian have you spent a moment to truly appreciate this great nation as it turns 150? Here are some of the reasons we’re proud to be Canadian this Canada Day.

The pristine natural environment

From our crisp Canadian air, our rugged mountaintops and our life-giving forests, Canada has one of the most pristine natural environments in the world. Readers Digest rates Canada as having some of the best untouched eco-spots on the planet, and it only takes spending a day traversing through the mountains or exploring our abundant waterways to realize how blessed we are in the nature department here in Canada.

The best personal freedoms in the world

Canada is consistently rated the freest country in the world with Global News recently reporting that Canada took the top spot in the world when it comes to personal freedoms. With high scores in civil liberties and tolerance, Canadian’s thrive in an environment that values individualism, self expression and inclusiveness. Sometimes it is hard to appreciate the scope of the freedom Canadians enjoy when it becomes the norm in our society, but Canada Day serves as an opportunity to recognize that personal freedoms are not celebrated in all countries and we are truly lucky to live in the freest nation on the planet.

One of the friendliest countries on earth

You’ve likely heard the stereotypes of the overly apologetic and polite Canadian. Compared to other cultural typecasts one that represents civility and amicability isn’t so bad. Forbes Magazine recently rated Canada as the 4th friendliest country in the world only surpassed by South Africa, Australia and New Zealand. Here at Whistler Dental we are always grateful to be surrounded by friendly Canadians each day.

Our inclusive culture

Did you know Canada was the first country in the world do adopt multiculturalism as an official policy? This happened in 1971, and since then Canada has been leading the world when it comes to tolerance, inclusiveness and acceptance. Canada continued to stay on the leading edge of inclusiveness when it became the third country in the world to introduce same sex marriage back in 2005. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has recently raised the profile of Canada as an inclusive nation by standing up for refugees and opening our borders to Syrian families in need in record breaking numbers.

Our world class services and infrastructure

From our education system, healthcare and infrastructure, Canada has some of the best services and amenities in the world. USA News recently rated Canada as having one of the best healthcare systems in the world. The access to medical treatments, education, welfare and pensions are of the highest standards, and our cities feature some of the best airports, hospitals, road networks and public transportation systems.

This Canada Day let’s truly appreciate this great nation which we call home. It’s easy to become complacent to the innate benefits that come with living in this great first world nation. What are some of the reasons that you are proud to be Canadian? Contact us, we'd love to hear them!

Curbing Your Sweet Tooth With Xylitol (and the oral health benefits)


Sugar has had a bad wrap over the last several years and for good reason, sugar has no essential nutrients, is bad for your health AND destroys your teeth. If that’s not enough sugar can cause liver disease, insulin resistance causing diabetes, cancer, hormone irregularities, heart disease and it will make you fat. Sugar is in nearly all processed foods and the worst part is it’s very addictive. So although as dentists we have a justifiable anti-sugar platform since it is one of the biggest culprits of the dental problems we see on a daily basis, there are loads of other reasons aside from oral health that you should be avoiding this substance.

Many of our patients are sugar addicted and can’t fathom a world without their sweet coffees, tasty desserts and indulgent comfort foods. We always suggest to our patients that maintaining a wholefood low-sugar diet is ideal for optimal health however there is a solution for those that need their sweet fix. Enter Xylitol.

Xylitol is a plant-based sweetener that is actually good for oral health. Unlike sugars, which stick to the teeth and breed bacteria that causes tooth decay, xylitol keeps the pH balance in a mouth neutral and prevents bacteria from sticking to the tooth, protecting it from tooth decay. So not only does xylitol give you a natural sweet taste it also protects the teeth from dental decay which is the most common infectious disease of children aged 5-7, and is completely preventable by reducing sugar in the diet.

So what is xylitol? It is a five-carbon sugar alcohol compound (does not contain sugar or alcohol), that occurs naturally in plants. Although it looks like sugar its properties are completely different. Xylitol is a natural part of the body’s metabolism and we make between 5-10 grams of it in the metabolism of carbohydrates. Because this process takes place in the gut there are no dental benefits that happen as a result of our natural production of this compound.

Xylitol can be purchased at the grocery store, in health food stores and online. We highly encourage our patients to make the switch from sugar to xylitol and those who have, have seen immense improvements of their oral and overall health.  Because of the addictive nature of sugar it is not always easy to cut it out at once. Xylitol is a great substitute to ‘come off’ sugar and is a healthy addition to a whole food balanced diet.

Here at Whistler Dental we are passionate about helping our patients live their best life possible. From designing perfect smiles that improve confidence, providing oral care that maintains optimal health, and supporting healthy life changes and decisions such as the reduction of sugar and processed foods, we help our patients enhance their quality of life and are dedicated to the patients and families within our Whistler community.

What We Love About Whistler In Summertime


Here at Whistler Dental we can’t help but feel truly blessed about where we live, but the feeling of appreciation is amplified when summer comes to town. Many people come to Whistler for the winter, but they end up falling in love with the summer. It’s something you can really only understand when you experience it first-hand. Located in one of the most picturesque spots in the world, summertime in Whistler comes alive with wildlife, plant-life, social life and more. If you’re new to Whistler or are wondering what makes this place so great in the summertime, here is what we love about summer in Whistler.

The spectacular scenic beauty

Endless mountain ranges with snow-capped glaciers bordered by deep blue skies and thick blankets of forest, all of this makes for a stunning scenic display of nature’s masterpiece. The grandiosity of it all must be experienced in person to be fully appreciated. Here in Whistler we sometimes get complacent about the sheer beauty of the place we call home. Seeing the mountain town through the eyes of the thousands of tourists that come each year is a constant reminder of the spectacular scenic beauty that we are blessed with.

The lakes

If mountains steel the show in the winter it's lakes that attract the crowds in the summer. Whistler has five lakes that are easily accessible from the Valley floor plus another handful that are a hike or trek away. If you’re looking for a bustling vibe check out Lost Lake just outside of Whistler Village anytime during the summer. Have a try at wakeboarding or ride a float plane on Green Lake, go for a scenic walk around Nita Lake, or have a barbecue and a picnic at the family friendly Alta Lake.

The event calendar

Whistler’s summer event calendar is jammed packed with festivals, competitions and activities that draw tourists from around the globe. Whistler Half Marathon and Ironman take place in June, followed by Tough Mudder and Wanderlust in July with the popular Crankworx, two weeks of mountain biking action, rounding off the summer event calendar in August.

The activities on offer

There are so many activities to choose from in Whistler during summer. Mountain biking is a huge draw card as the expanding Whistler Bike Park attracts downhill enthusiasts of all levels. The alpine is a hiking mecca in summer and the valley floor makes way for walkers, hikers and bikers alike. Watersports such as stand up paddle boarding, kayaking, canoeing and more can be enjoyed on one of the many lakes or the River of Golden Dreams. With beautiful sunny weather and nature’s playground at your doorstep the activity options in summer are endless.

Here at Whistler Dental we are proud to call Whistler home. We are passionate about our local community and love to share this special place with visitors from around the world.


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