Do You Need a Smile Make-Over? Here are the signs.


Living your life with a smile you’re not proud of, one that causes pain or discomfort or just doesn’t feel right is not something that has to be endured. Here at Whistler Dental we offer Smile Design using the latest technology to create smiles that are customized to an individual. Cosmetic dentistry is the art and science of smile enhancement and encompasses colour, shape, position, size, symmetry, texture and luminescence. If you’ve been showing any of the signs below it may be time to makeover your smile and design a smile that you can be proud of.


Protecting your Teeth this Winter Season


From Olympic athletes to kids just starting out on the slopes, mouth-guards are imperative to maintaining optimal dental health and protecting those pearly whites. Mouth-guards are proven to protect teeth from damage due to injuries, falls and aggressive performance, and have also been shown to limit and reduce the impact of concussions. Elite winter athletes are required to wear mouth-guards when competing and more frequently amateur and new athletes are wearing them as a precautionary measure. Although Whistler Blackcomb does not have a rule making mouth-guards compulsory they are highly recommended by the mountain.


So You Need a Root Canal- What This Means and How to Prepare?


You’ve received the news that you need a root canal, and now you have a flurry of questions about what this means. You may wonder why you require this procedure, what it will be like, and how you will recover. Questions about root canals are very common. We hope to address many of the common concerns about root canals and hopefully relieve some of the fear and anxiety you may have around the procedure. Here are some common questions we get from patients about to undergo a root canal.


Stop Grinding Your Teeth! 5 Tips to Stop Grinding


Teeth grinding, also known as Bruxism, is a very common condition experienced by one in every three people. The severity of bruxism varies, but on the more extreme end of the scale it can result in aching jaw, headaches, tooth pain, loosening of teeth from the gums, losing and fracturing teeth, receding gums and developing jaw joint disordered like TMJ. Teeth grinding wears away enamel and can be a cause for serious dental treatments down the road. Preventing bruxism is important to avoid painful symptoms and costly dental treatments. Here are five tips to stop grinding your teeth and maintaining healthy pearly whites.


Back to School Dental Checklist



The time has come, another summer is nearing an end and kids are almost back in school. While you are thinking about school supplies, study schedules and extra-curricular activities, don’t forget to consider the oral hygiene of your child coming into this new school year. Why is oral hygiene something that warrants thought and planning this year? Kids with healthy teeth and gums are happier than children with dental issues and establishing a solid oral care routine at a young age is a great foundation for long term oral health throughout life. Creating positive practices and habits around dental care is of utmost importance, and back to school time is the perfect time to re-set habits and instill new positive and healthy routines for the year to come.


The Many Benefits of Botox


Botox has many benefits aside from ridding fine lines. As specialists in oral and maxillofacial areas, and experts in facial muscles and soft tissue, dentists are the ideal practitioners for treatments such as Botox. Dental practitioners are highly trained in facial injections making us extremely skilled in implementing Botox injections to a range of patients for various needs. Whether seeking Botox for medical or cosmetic reasons, here are the many benefits of Botox that you can expect.


August in Whistler is all about Yoga and Biking


Summertime in Whistler it a total transformation from the winter wonderland that many people are familiar with. The month of August hosts some of the biggest events of the year, and they have nothing to do with snow. Over the BC Day Long Weekend (August 3-6) yogis and wellness warriors from around North America converge on Whistler for the Wanderlust Festival; four days of yoga classes, nature hikes, workshops and parties all with the common theme of celebrating the mind, body and soul. After Wanderlust, Crankworx takes over Whistler Village. This two-week festival celebrates all things mountain biking with the biggest mountain biking brands, companies and riders showing up for the fourteen days of festivities. For everything events in Whistler this August, read on.


Jaw Pain? It Could be TMJ.


What is TMJ?

TMJ, or the temporomandibular joint, is the powerful jaw joint that acts like a sliding hinge and connects your jawbone to your skull. This forceful joint does a lot of work and in some cases, people can experience jaw pain in the jaw joint itself and the muscles that control the movement. This pain can be very prohibitive and often goes undiagnosed or mistreated. Here at Whistler Dental we are specially trained to identify and treat this type of jaw soreness which manifests in many other symptoms. If you’ve been experience jaw soreness, chronic headaches, dizziness or vertigo, or ear fullness or pain, it could be a sign of TMJ and a trip to Whistler Dental will help determine this.

How does it occur?

Often TMJ is caused by trauma to the chin or the side of the head, or whiplash. There are also more subtle causes of TMJ such as missing, broken or worn down teeth (these causes are much more common). Jaw clenching is a major culprit for TMJ, and people who clench or grind are prone to this condition. In some cases there are a range of factors that cause the TMJ. Genetics, arthritis may also make people more prone to it.

What are some effects?

There are a range of symptoms which indicate TMJ and because of this, the condition is often mis-treated or diagnosed as something else. Chronic headaches, ear aches, clicking and/ or popping jaw joints, pain when chewing, snoring, acid reflux and neck pain are all symptoms of TMJ. If left untreated sufferers often see arthritis or inflammation of the joint; this can cause pressure on the vestibular/ cochlear nerve which can lead to vertigo or tinnitus and wreak havoc on a person’s quality of life.

How is it treated and results?

Unfortunately many people who suffer from TMJ either don’t know that they have it so are treated for handfuls of other conditions, or they seek alternative treatments for the condition which simply do not work. Dentists are the only health care providers that can offer true relief and help for this due to their specialized training and treatment of the underlying cause, not just the symptoms.

Here at Whistler Dental we perform a comprehensive head and neck evaluation plus assess health history to diagnose the condition. We then can outline a treatment plan which can include surgery, wearing a night guard, relaxation techniques and more. Often there are nonsurgical ways to treat the condition. Patients treated successfully from TMJ will notice headaches ease, ringing and ear pain cease and relief of other symptoms.

Why you need to see Whistler Dental?

If you have any of the symptoms described above and have sought relief from other medical specialists and nothing has sustained, come see us at Whistler Dental. We will give you a comprehensive assessment for TMJ and if it is determined you are suffering from the condition, we will determine a treatment plan that suits you and most of all, allows you to be free of pain and suffering so your quality of life returns to optimal levels.

12 Good Reasons For Smiling


Looking to improve your health? Smile! This facial expression has more advantages that just showing off a happy emotion to those around you! Smiling actually triggers activity in your brain that creates a whole slough of health benefits. It can improve mental wellbeing, physical health, and increase longevity. As easy as it may seem, this expression actually requires a lot of muscles to get going. Luckily, there are plenty of things in Whistler that can trigger a genuine smile. We’ve gathered up 12 good reasons for smiling, Whistler related or not!


Want Whiter Teeth? Here Is How We Can Help.


Teeth discolouration is a normal part of aging, and if your pearly whites are less than lustrous, teeth whitening may be something you’re considering. Here at Whistler Dental we offer two types of teeth whitening options, making the issue of discoloured teeth obsolete for those seeking a solution. There are several main culprits that are responsible for the discolouration of teeth. In a recent Blog post we discuss the foods to stay away from or limit if you want to maintain a bright white smile. We are passionate about helping people achieve their best smiles possible and you will likely agree, and we do this through SMILE DESIGN. Here are the teeth whitening solutions we offer at Whistler Dental.