Why We’re Proud to Be Canadian


There is no better time to be grateful for the place that we call home than in the lead up to Canada Day.  Here at Whistler Dental we are surrounded by everything that epitomizes what makes Canada great, from its pristine natural environment, inclusive culture and innate personal freedoms. If you’re Canadian have you spent a moment to truly appreciate this great nation as it turns 150? Here are some of the reasons we’re proud to be Canadian this Canada Day.

The pristine natural environment

From our crisp Canadian air, our rugged mountaintops and our life-giving forests, Canada has one of the most pristine natural environments in the world. Readers Digest rates Canada as having some of the best untouched eco-spots on the planet, and it only takes spending a day traversing through the mountains or exploring our abundant waterways to realize how blessed we are in the nature department here in Canada.

The best personal freedoms in the world

Canada is consistently rated the freest country in the world with Global News recently reporting that Canada took the top spot in the world when it comes to personal freedoms. With high scores in civil liberties and tolerance, Canadian’s thrive in an environment that values individualism, self expression and inclusiveness. Sometimes it is hard to appreciate the scope of the freedom Canadians enjoy when it becomes the norm in our society, but Canada Day serves as an opportunity to recognize that personal freedoms are not celebrated in all countries and we are truly lucky to live in the freest nation on the planet.

One of the friendliest countries on earth

You’ve likely heard the stereotypes of the overly apologetic and polite Canadian. Compared to other cultural typecasts one that represents civility and amicability isn’t so bad. Forbes Magazine recently rated Canada as the 4th friendliest country in the world only surpassed by South Africa, Australia and New Zealand. Here at Whistler Dental we are always grateful to be surrounded by friendly Canadians each day.

Our inclusive culture

Did you know Canada was the first country in the world do adopt multiculturalism as an official policy? This happened in 1971, and since then Canada has been leading the world when it comes to tolerance, inclusiveness and acceptance. Canada continued to stay on the leading edge of inclusiveness when it became the third country in the world to introduce same sex marriage back in 2005. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has recently raised the profile of Canada as an inclusive nation by standing up for refugees and opening our borders to Syrian families in need in record breaking numbers.

Our world class services and infrastructure

From our education system, healthcare and infrastructure, Canada has some of the best services and amenities in the world. USA News recently rated Canada as having one of the best healthcare systems in the world. The access to medical treatments, education, welfare and pensions are of the highest standards, and our cities feature some of the best airports, hospitals, road networks and public transportation systems.

This Canada Day let’s truly appreciate this great nation which we call home. It’s easy to become complacent to the innate benefits that come with living in this great first world nation. What are some of the reasons that you are proud to be Canadian? Contact us, we’d love to hear them!

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