About Whistler Dental

Our Mission

Our Mission is to treat every patient as we would treat our own family. We help our patients discover their smiles and enhance their quality of life, health and self-image. We provide our services to those who appreciate our level of expertise, exceptional service and who are willing to make a financial investment in their oral health. We are dedicated to our patients, families, community and our responsibility to the environment.

Our Practice

Our caring and dedicated team, offer both you and your family the latest in general and cosmetic dentistry in a modern and relaxed environment. Every service we provide we do so with a point of view slanted toward a patients over-all health. We believe that the mouth cannot be thought of as separate from the rest of the body. With the explosion of knowledge happening all around us our job as health care providers is always changing. Recent revelations about how the the airway affects the TMJ’s and the occlusion, and, about how the Occlusion and TMJ’s affect the airway has changed the way we see teeth. The ways that the teeth affect the overall health of the patient has never been clearer.
With the combination of experience, technical expertise and warm personal approach to care, we attract people of all ages under our care. You can be assured the very effort is made to exceed your expectations for comfort, care, cosmetics and kindness. We believe in individualized care with all treatment being tailored to the particular wants and needs of each patient. All treatment is performed to the highest standards of precision, with the highest quality of materials, and by people with the highest level of skill, integrity and concern.

We strongly believe that our patient’s comfort is an important part of quality dental care, and therefore we strive to make the dental visit as comfortable and as pleasant as possible.


Whistler Dental is proudly owned by Dr. James Mackenzie and Dr. Amin Shivji.